Atmosphere and culture

A place where gratitude is created

Although Benefit Line has grown rapidly since its founding, we are still a developing team.
Our members are mainly mid-career recruits who respect each other's backgrounds and ways of thinking, and have fostered a free-thinking, positive culture with a willingness to take on challenges.

We prioritize evaluating contributions and results fairly, rather than with rigid uniformity, and our systems and rules for producing good work are neither too strict nor lax.

By respecting each individual, their power becomes our strength.

Our most important vision, mission, values and principles are tied together in the credo shared by all our employees, and each and every one of us is committed to work that produces gratitude every day.

Office Environment

Our head office is a 2-minute walk from Ebisu Station.
This office is the base for professionals from backgrounds such as sales, construction management, cost estimation, design, and safety. Most of our office is free-address, allowing people the chance to share information and discuss things with each other whenever they like, free of departmental boundaries.

The office has an open space for casual meetings, booths for working in peace, and a lounge where members can enjoy socializing with a drink after work, leading to natural communication and improved work efficiency.

Please come and visit us!