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We offer an environment where you can always take on new challenges.

Offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, fashion stores, clinics... Benefit Line offers you the opportunity to take on projects that you have never been involved in before, as we are engaged in creating spaces in a diverse range of genres, with a focus on commercial facilities. Sometimes we are requested to take on special projects in recognition of our past achievements and discuss projects that we have no experience in with high expectations.

It's okay.
Regardless of how old you are or how long you have been working in your profession, everyone has experienced their "first time" in something. Our highly experienced senior employees and the know-how we have accumulated since our establishment will support you as you take on challenges and grow.

More valuable services through better work-life balance.

This industry is known for its harsh working environment. From the very beginning, our goal has been to create an organization where our employees are motivated to engage continuously in their work. In order to deliver better performance, a proper working environment and adequate rest are essential. We devise everything from labor management, such as restrictions on long working days and regulations on taking holidays, to the way we organize our teams.

Working alone in multiple roles will make it difficult to consistently deliver valuable services and to be well rested and refreshed.
Benefit Line offers a wide range of professional human resources in sales, cost estimation, construction management, facility, safety, design planning, implementation planning, etc. Each team is committed to developing its professional human resources. You are encouraged to focus on your own work while gaining experience and expanding your professional knowledge and skills.

We will continue providing high-quality services by having each and every professional member of our team work in close cooperation and collaboration with each other.

What we want is to gather “thanks” from our customers, our employees, and their families.

What does “work” mean to you?

There are many ways of looking at it: for everyday life, for contributing to society, for personal growth, and so on.

For us, “work” means receiving as many words of gratitude as possible, for as long as possible.

In order to get people to say “thanks” to us, we have to make people smile and be moved by our efforts and innovations, and make them feel happier and more fulfilled than before they met BENEFIT LINE. The work of creating spaces can accomplish that. This is what we believe.

In this day and age, there are countless places to work throughout Japan and all around the world. We will serve our clients, our employees, and their families, all of whom have high expectations of BENEFIT LINE, to the very best of our ability.

All of this is for the sake of “thanks”.

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