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Joined the company in 2014

Production Department


A growth-oriented working
environment that
promotes creativity.

Please tell us about your job.

Personal growth will one day benefit the company

My role is to monitor the trends of the properties that each production team oversees and to guide them to ensure the smooth progress of the project site. I mainly identify and advise on the project’s issues of concern, follow up on cost management, and manage attendance to ensure that the team is performing their work with reasonable time allocations. I also make sure that the work is allocated in a way that maximizes the abilities of each person assigned to the project and leads to their growth. Now that I get to manage a team, I am most pleased when my team members are praised for their work. Some of them were directly appointed for subsequent projects after being commended by clients for their work, and when I heard a client say, "I’m glad you put that person in charge," I was beyond happy. Because of the large amount of money involved in interior construction, there is always the risk and added pressure of failure. When I was younger, I had to work very hard until eventually I got the hang of cost management, such as negotiating and estimating prices. Since cost management is not only about cost reduction, but also about creating a safe and comfortable working environment and improving morale at worksites, I want to keep on following up on this issue.

What is something key to doing your job well?

Bringing designs to life while keeping in mind the intentions of the architects and designers

The most memorable project I have worked on was the construction of a lifestyle store that was opened in Aichi Prefecture. I was working with a designer whom I had known for a while, and after receiving the initial design drawings and basic diagrams, I was entrusted with the delivery and creation of details related to the subsequent production. I had always been confident in my ability to realize what the designer wanted. However, being entrusted with this job made me realize that my experience was highly appreciated. To realize a design, one must understand what the design is intended for and how it is going to be created. I personally feel that an inquisitive mind that attempts to understand the design is also necessary for construction management. Furthermore, as the scale of the property grows, knowledge of different fields of interior design may be required. The task of supplementing my own knowledge and experience is not easy, but overcoming these obstacles step by step will certainly help me improve my skills. In this sense, I think Benefit Line is a rewarding company to work for because of its extensive range of operations.

Why did you decide to join Benefit Line?

Exposure to the designs of many architects

I became interested in design after seeing the work of an overseas designer featured on TV when I was in high school. I then went on to major in interior design engineering at a technical school, and eventually, I decided to work for either an architectural firm or design company. My feelings changed when I visited a construction company for an internship. As I looked at the job description, I thought if I work for a construction company I will be exposed to many different designers and types of design. I decided to work in this industry and joined Benefit Line in 2014. I was not particularly dissatisfied with the working environment and conditions at my previous job, which was a leading company in the interior design industry, but the organization was too large and I was somewhat concerned about my future career development. At the time, Benefit Line was smaller than it is now and was about to expand into apparel and commercial facilities. I decided to change jobs because I wanted to make the most of my experience at a company with such potential for growth. I was also encouraged by the good atmosphere in the company and the fact that I could easily convey my opinions to higher-ups.

What kind of colleagues do you want to work with?

Those who are ambitious and able to work independently

I want to work with people who are ambitious and realize the importance of continuously improving productivity. I also want to create an environment where every motivated member in my team can work independently so that they can engage in friendly competition. As for the new members, I would talk to them when they come back from the field and communicate with them proactively. When I was young, I was shy and often felt intimidated, making it difficult for me to ask for advice even when I needed it. Of course, I have had such experiences on many occasions. Tearing down walls between people is also an important task for me. In addition, it is important to maintain a good work-life balance – you need to have some breathing room. I try to have a good balance between my work and private life, and I also actively participate in raising my child at home. Although my wife was initially anxious when I changed jobs from a leading company, she is now happy with my new job, saying, "I’m glad that our family has more time together now."

What is your vision for the future?

Raising the productivity of the company through the growth of my team members

I want to work in a position where I can improve the productivity of the company. To raise productivity, the growth of each of my team members is essential. Specifically, I interview my team members twice a year and set the goals for each of them by indicating what I want them to achieve in the following six months. I then consider how I can help them grow to that level and guide them while assessing each person’s abilities. When the organization performs well through such management, I am sure that it will lead to my own reputation as well. In order to grow into a respected organization in the industry, it is important to secure and develop excellent human resources. The interior design industry may have an impression of being tough, but the working environment has improved considerably in recent years, especially at general contractors. If you are interested in interior design, as I have been, it would be a good idea to join a construction company where you can be exposed to a wider range of designs and absorb a variety of sensibilities.