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Joined the company in 2020

Planning Department


The CAD operator's work
leads imagination to creation

Please tell us about your job.

Shaping the thoughts of others one at a time

As a CSD operator, I provide support for design and production. More specifically, I create accurate drawings for actual construction projects from sketches and drawings created by the designer and revise the drawings that have been converted into data. Although I am not directly involved in the work site, I feel I have great responsibility because my drawings are used to provide quotations and move on-site construction work forward. For a big project, there are about 300 sheets of drawings. The drawings must be completed in a few weeks to a month, including the verification process, while maintaining communication with the client to ensure that there are no misunderstandings. I currently manage four projects, producing drawings in various genres, such as retail stores and offices. The most memorable job I have ever been involved in was my first project after joining the company, in which I prepared drawings using CAD software. I made many minor mistakes because I needed to familiarize myself with the project and had to revise the work until the very last minute before the deadline. Still, when I saw the finished building, I finally understood the client's ideas and intentions. At this time, I learned how important it is to communicate with others to draw out their perspectives during the meeting stage.

What is something key to doing your job well?

The importance of drawing a straight line

Just one mistake in drawing a line can lead to a fatal error, so CAD operators must continually stay focused and work with precision. In addition, it is necessary to have the ability to understand the designer’s intentions and communicate with them. Additionally, it is important to have the skills to coordinate schedules by making priorities when dealing with multiple projects simultaneously. What I keep in mind when I work is not to be overconfident in myself. I always try to be honest and ask questions about things I need help understanding since drawings created with differences in perception with the client can negatively impact the project. In this respect, I am grateful that many of my seniors have extensive on-site experience. The most rewarding part of this job is when a sketch that reflects a client's ideas about the kind of space they want to create turns into a drawing that brings that idea to life. CAD operators are an indispensable part of manufacturing. With such recognition in mind, I would like to continue to assist clients and designers in bringing shape to their imaginations.

Why did you decide to join Benefit Line?

The world of manufacturing was something I had always admired since I was in high school

In my previous job, I was mainly engaged in managing construction sites. I decided to change jobs because I found the job physically demanding and thought that my personality was better suited to drawing duties. I decided to work at Benefit Line among several alternatives because I expected to be able to produce drawings for a variety of facilities, such as offices and public facilities, rather than being limited to stores. Actually, I have many opportunities to produce drawings for a wide range of sectors, and for that, I have been able to make use of my previous on-site experience. I got interested in manufacturing when I was in high school. I entered a vocational design school because I wanted to work on stage sets and props for TV shows. There, I also learned the basics of CAD and spent my days becoming absorbed in the process of drawing up detailed lines one by one. Thinking about it now, I have always loved looking at apartment floor plans since I was young, therefore being a CAD operator is a good fit for me. The most attractive part of this job is how my drawings take shape in the form of buildings and spaces. I can easily stay motivated because my efforts can be seen in the outcomes.

What makes Benefit Line so attractive?

A team-oriented workplace where women can thrive

I used to think that interior design was a male-dominated industry. However, when I joined Benefit Line, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were many more female employees than I had expected. Currently, about 40% of our members are women. After working here for three years, I feel that this company supports people in playing an active role in their jobs, regardless of age or gender. I had worked for Benefit Line as a temporary worker for a while, but even back then, I felt that the company valued the independence of all employees in their work, for example, by providing them with opportunities to express their opinions about their projects and goals. Competent and motivated employees are given the posts they deserve, so if you have a strong desire to grow and create your own path to advance your career, this company could be a good fit for you. In addition, the fact that the company encourages work-life balance was also appealing to me. Teamwork is the backbone of the company, so the way we follow up with each other allows me to have much more personal time than at my previous job. My female senior colleagues and co-workers are also making active use of the maternity leave system and shortened working hour system.

What is your vision for the future?

To acquire the skills needed to undertake overseas projects

Currently, I am learning how to use Revit, a CAD software used mainly overseas. If I can use this software, I will not only be able to meet the demands of Japanese clients with overseas stores and branches but also expand the possibility of acquiring projects from overseas companies. Learning to use new software from scratch is difficult, but I plan to acquire the skills to teach other employees after a few years. Simultaneously, I believe that learning how to use Revit will expand my career options, such as working for an overseas company as a CAD operator or acting as a liaison between overseas and Japanese companies as a freelance worker. My future goal is to create drawings for concert halls and live music spaces, which has been my dream since I was a student. To do that, I need more knowledge and experience. After that, I will strive to keep up with new information while carrying out my daily duties with care.