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Please tell us about your job.

The most rewarding projects are the ones that have no precedent

As a construction manager, I am mainly stationed at a project site to manage all aspects of the work while consulting with clients and subcontractors. My typical day starts with a morning meeting to inform workers of work details and precautions, followed by a site inspection to ensure that construction is proceeding as scheduled and that there are no potential hazards at the work site. In the afternoon, I review drawings and quotations, take pictures of the construction site, meet with the foreman and other concerned parties, and prepare construction drawings when needed. In principle, on-site work finishes between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., but I return to the office on certain days to arrange the next day's work and prepare materials. Among the construction management projects I have been assigned to, the one that has left the most remarkable impression on me is a club and bar in Roppongi. The client requested five layers of material board on the ceiling for soundproofing. As it was an unprecedented project, managing the schedule and budget was difficult. However, it was a good experience for me at the end of the day.

What is something key to doing your job well?

Budget and a high level of quality management

The best part of this job is that I can see and feel the tangible results of the work I have conducted on-site over several months. I am glad to hear how many people appreciate the buildings that I was involved in with construction management. At work, I strive to maintain high quality within a limited budget. Budget and quality management is also an essential part of my work. I find it most rewarding when I can squeeze budgets through good communication and negotiations with subcontractors. A construction manager brings together many people, so they need to be resourceful and flexible. Everyone who works on-site has their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as in age and personality. Managing a project site in such an environment demands communication skills to ensure smooth construction and the ability to make corrections to keep pace with the work. I always try to take the initiative in sharing my motivation in order to build a good relationship with the craftsmen. I arrive on site before anyone else and take every job seriously. It is important to show a high level of motivation as construction manager.

Why did you decide to join Benefit Line?

I wanted to build things that would be seen by many people

Before I joined Benefit Line, I worked for a company that was commissioned by a general contractor to undertake facility-related work. I was mainly in charge of installing air conditioning and ducts, but since such equipment was hidden behind ceilings and walls, I decided to change jobs because I wanted to create things that were more visible to people. I chose Benefit Line because the main focus of its business is the creation of interiors and spaces that are visible. The other reason is that I was impressed with the company's commitment to balancing work and private life. The construction industry, including interior design, is said to be an unfriendly workplace where work-life balance is difficult to achieve because the work is sometimes performed even at night. In that sense, Benefit Line has a company policy of minimizing nighttime construction work, and I personally have rarely been assigned to such work. I spend my personal time playing tennis, which I have been doing since I was a student, traveling with my wife, whom I recently married, and trying to be as refreshed as possible. My wife finds it reassuring that the company has a well-developed parental leave system.

What makes Benefit Line so attractive?

For working long-term, a secure environment is necessary

At Benefit Line, I have been involved in construction management in a broad range of sectors, which has increased my speed in understanding drawings in addition to my ability to adapt on the work site. There are many situations in which decisions on small-scale projects are left to my own discretion, so I feel that I am in a more conducive environment for improving my skills than in my previous job. Although at times I feel that I lack knowledge, I take advantage of my young age and do not hesitate to consult with my more senior colleagues. I am often stationed on-site and have few opportunities to engage in communication within the company, but when I am in the office, my seniors are always willing to talk to me, which has been very helpful. Another encouraging factor is the company's commitment to its employee safety. Every month we attend an accident prevention council meeting where all construction-related contractors exchange information on places and work that may cause accidents, etc. with people who actually work on-site. Our internal safety officers sometimes make unannounced visits to patrol the construction site. A safe work environment is necessary for long-term work.

What is your vision for the future?

To become a construction management engineer who can direct an entire project

As a construction management engineer who can direct an entire project, the first step is to complete the construction management of small-scale projects on your own, without the assistance of your superiors or senior colleagues. This will require more skills in managing budgets and processes than ever before. I believe that such knowledge can not only be learned on the job but also must be accumulated through formal education. The examination to obtain a first-class building construction management engineer certification is coming up in a year and a half, so I would like to study diligently from now on. My goal is to become a construction management engineer who can manage all aspects of quality, cost, process, and safety at a high level. Organizing an entire project also requires the ability to multitask. One of my goals is to work on projects that can be enjoyed by many people. Other than working on projects by famous architects and popular designers, I also want to make those around me happy, like working on my friend's restaurant.