Meet our employees

Joined the company in 2019

Production Department


Creating pleasant spaces
where people gather naturally

Please tell us about your job.

Important things that can only be accomplished on-site

As a member of the production team, my primary duties include quotation preparation, cost management, process management, and safety management. Specifically, I hold meetings with subcontractors, check drawings, confirm and inspect construction sites, and provide after-sales support after handing over. When the direction of the property has not been decided, site management plays a crucial role in taking the helm and moving the construction forward so that the client, designer, and subcontractors are all in alignment. Such a role requires me to work closely with the designer to propose realistic plans that meet the client's requirements and budget. What makes this job rewarding is when I hear from satisfied users about how they feel that the buildings and spaces I worked on are stylish and comfortable. In particular, I am deeply moved when I see children playing happily. Space creation creates an opportunity to be a part of places where people gather. Every space has a unique function, and I enjoy the process of thinking about the structure and mechanism while considering the thoughts and feelings of those who will be using the space.

What is something key to doing your job well?

Communication moves construction forward smoothly

Until recently, I oversaw the renovation work of the Yokohama Marine Tower. Until then, I had mainly managed the construction of establishments with limited user purposes, such as restaurants and retail stores. However, being in charge of a property frequented by an unspecified number of people as a public space enabled me to approach space creation from a new perspective that I had never previously encountered. Although I sometimes feel intimidated by the fact that I am working on more large-scale projects than in my previous position, I hope to continue to be involved in a broad range of construction projects in the future, such as public facilities and offices. Construction management work also requires communication skills with external parties, such as clients and subcontractors. I myself have always enjoyed communicating with others, and I enjoy the process of building trust through daily conversations that strengthen communication. Particularly, I always try to express who I am when talking to workers who perform the actual construction work. If we become friends who can talk to each other without having our jobs as a filter, they will listen to us seriously when it comes time to talk about work, allowing for faster communication. Meanwhile, I always try to communicate my intentions to designers and salespeople simply and clearly. I also believe it is important to be able to switch communication methods depending on the situations we're in to manage the work site successfully.

Why did you join Benefit Line?

To improve living conditions, including more time for raising kids

I was in college when I decided that I wanted to work in interior design and space creation. I studied design in college to become a furniture designer, but I also became interested in the spaces where furniture is installed, so I studied interior and space design. After graduation, I worked for a major retailer in private brand development, and in my previous career, I worked in interior construction management, just as I do now. The main reason I changed jobs to Benefit Line was to improve my working environment. I gave birth to my first child when I was very busy at my previous job, and I started to wonder whether I could raise my child properly and balance work and family life, which led me to reconsider my career. Among several options, I decided to join Benefit Line due to my strong desire to improve my working conditions and environment. Working in the growing interior design industry tends to be very busy, but I feel that Benefit Line is one of the best places to work, allowing me to balance my work and private life.

What makes Benefit Line so attractive?

Easy and open environment

Since I have had many opportunities to work on large-scale projects, I feel that I had gained a wide range of knowledge and skills compared to when I joined the company. I also feel that the company's approach of immediately entrusting me with a higher level of duties as soon as I was deemed capable, regardless of my position, has been conducive to my career development. The office of the Production Department has a free address workplace, which allows for an open environment where team members can easily communicate with each other. I appreciate that I have a good relationship with my senior colleagues and supervisors, allowing me to consult with them about my work without hesitation. I always try to immediately make use of the advice they gave me on the job site. On a side note, the company has a futsal and a baseball team and holds barbecues and other events on a regular basis. However, it is not mandatory for employees to participate in any of these events, which I think is a good thing. We respect each person's opinions, and everyone can participate if they want to, whenever they want to. It fits the current era, right?

What is your vision for the future?

I want to participate in integrated management from the planning stage

From now on, I would like to focus on training young members who can manage the site at the same level as me. To do that, I am trying to communicate actively with junior team members. The best way to do this is to build interpersonal connections that transcend the boundaries of the company, but in order to achieve this, you need to become a well-rounded and persuasive person. For this reason, I am also aware that I have to take each project seriously. My immediate goal is to obtain the first-class building construction management engineer qualification. With that, I can work as a supervising engineer, which will help me to climb the career ladder in the company. It's not an easy qualification to obtain, but I believe I can obtain it with Benefit Line because there are many people who can give me advice. The company will support its employees with the examination fee and purchase of reference books, and if you pass, you will receive a congratulatory bonus. While trying to achieve these small goals, in the future, I would like to be involved in project management, from the start-up of planning to interior construction.