Meet our employees

Joined the company in 2017

Production Department


Using feedback such as,
"I want to work with you again,"
as motivation

Please tell us about your job.

Controlling the project site to make sure that deliveries are not delayed

My main duties are quality control and cost control, with the focus on ordering interior construction. A typical day for me consists of checking emails in the morning, then showing up at the project site and checking on the work for an hour or two. I return to the office in the afternoon and use our in-house app to manage costs, make various applications, place orders, etc. My work also includes meeting clients and subcontractors and conducting regular meetings for large-scale projects. Since I work at several sites, I often make arrangements at the office, and then try to ensure that all sites emphasize speed and avoid delivery delays. There are only a few cases where we can directly use the blueprint from a client as is, so we usually need to create construction plans that can be used in the actual construction work, taking into account the on-site dimensions and other factors. The question is how realistically and smoothly can I incorporate the client's and designer's requests into the site. Thus, it is necessary to understand and materialize the drawings quickly. Because of the short project span in interior construction, projects keep coming up one after another. Therefore, the ability to switch from one task to another with such speed is also vital in this line of work.

What do you always keep in mind when you work?

To always be mindful of the process of co-creating with the client

Interior construction is a job that demands speed, so it never gets boring. I always enjoy creating interiors and spaces, tactfully navigating through problems as they arise. On the other hand, we also strive to ensure that our work is done carefully with quality in mind. For example, I always hand-sketch the items being ordered. The reason I do this is because it’s a way to visually realize what the client wants, which ensures that the construction process reflects the client's intentions. The office building in Hatchobori that I oversaw last year is a memorable example in this respect. Although there were many difficulties due to the sheer scale of the project, I was happy to read in a feedback survey that our client expressed the desire to work with us again after the project was completed. I believe the client appreciated how we made samples before proceeding with the construction and kept checking to see if there were any differences from the actual impression, even though we were on a tight schedule. I would like to remain committed to responding to such needs in the future.

Why did you decide to join Benefit Line?

A supportive environment for career advancement, even for mid-career recruits

Before joining Benefit Line, I worked at an interior construction company for about nine years. I did not have any particular complaints about the stable working environment, but I felt a lack of stimulation there. Then I came across Benefit Line. I remember seeing the scale of the projects the company was handling and how it was growing at a tremendous momentum and thinking, this is the time to aim for career advancement. So, I decided to switch jobs. Once I started working here, I found that I could be involved in a much broader range of projects than I had imagined, allowing me to work with a reasonable degree of stimulation. Another unique feature of Benefit Line is its widespread system of fairly evaluating competence through interviews and goal-setting several times a year. There are two opportunities for pay raises per year, and I personally find it rewarding to see the achievements I have made reflected in my salary. I am also satisfied with the supportive environment that allows even mid-career recruits to grow in their careers. This company is an excellent place for those with their future in mind.

What are you putting your efforts into now?

Futsal is a great communication tool

We set up a company futsal team, and I was appointed captain. Futsal is a great way to take a mental break from the daily grind and build the physical strength necessary for construction managers. Currently, we have about 15 members who practice once a month and we occasionally play against other teams. A number of female employees have also joined the team. At first, we started the team just because we wanted to play futsal. However, this activity has allowed me to communicate with colleagues I don't usually meet at the office. It's nice to interact with people from other departments to get different perspectives on the projects that I am working on. I believe that this club activity can also be leveraged for company-wide teamwork. As a mid-level employee in the company, I take the initiative to pull the production team together. I want to grow into a knowledgeable and compassionate person who inspires younger employees to think, "Let's give our best because of this person!"

What is your vision for the future?

To create an environment where all employees can share knowledge and skills

Having worked mainly in commercial facilities, such as clothing stores, in my previous job, I am confident in my ability to manage the interior design of design-oriented stores. As a construction manager, I aim to apply such experience to designing and constructing offices and public facilities and to play a role in quality improvement. I would also like to apply my design background while promoting my unique and original perspective in Benefit Line. For communication, we encourage using internal chat tools and cloud services to share the latest information in a way that all can easily understand. The reason is that to facilitate smooth communication, mid-career workers like us need to take the initiative in creating the right atmosphere and an environment free of disparity in age or position. Since the company has many mid-career recruits, I want to create an environment where the knowledge obtained in other companies can be utilized internally. I hope everyone can share their knowledge and skills and help the company to grow.