Meet our employees

Joined the company in 2020

Sales Department


Building a uniquely distinctive space
with teamwork using
a three-pronged approach

Please tell us about your job.

Acting as a bridge between the client and the company

I serve as the point of contact for the Design Department and Production Department and work to facilitate smooth transactions between the company and its clients. I also work on promoting the company's design and construction services to new clients, as well as providing post-construction follow-up care and interviews to existing clients to win orders. When a project starts, I work with the design and production teams to develop a plan that meets the client's request. When promoting the company as a sales representative, I find out about the client's needs in advance and propose a plan that meets them. As a matter of fact, we often receive follow-up orders from clients who have commissioned projects in the past, as well as new orders through referrals from such clients. We are delighted to see that Benefit Line's services are trusted by our clients.

What made this job attractive?

Working on projects with teamwork using a three-pronged approach

When the client's construction needs do not match the budget, the salesperson's skills are put to the test in negotiating with the client. After communicating the client's thoughts to the relevant departments, we think about how to propose an attractive plan. Still, there are times when the opinions of the salesperson, who is the closest to the client, play an important role. The accumulation of such efforts leads to trust from our clients and leads to the chance of acquiring new projects. The process of working on a project in which sales, production, and design work together in a three-pronged approach is the best part of my job. The mutual respect we have for each other allows us to exchange constructive opinions even across divisions, which I feel is one of the appealing features of Benefit Line. It is my duty to engage with the client from the beginning to the end, from the initial inquiry step before entering into a transaction, until the handover of the finished property. Although various problems may arise along the way, I find it most rewarding when I can solve problems with the client as the point of contact and when the client is pleased with the handover. I feel the greatest satisfaction when I can solve problems with the client and when the client is happy when receiving the property.

Why did you decide to join Benefit Line?

I wanted to expand my network and scope of work

In my previous job, I was mainly engaged in managing construction sites. I worked there for almost 15 years, and when I thought about my future career, I decided to switch to Benefit Line because I felt I should broaden my network and the scope of my work rather than focus solely on on-site duties. After joining the company, I found that I actually have more opportunities to hold sessions with various customers as a sales representative, which makes my days more fulfilling. Benefit Line caters to a wide range of construction projects, from offices to commercial facilities, and I believe it is the perfect company for my professional growth. I also appreciate the company's spirit of openness, allowing everyone to convey their opinion easily.

What makes Benefit Line so attractive?

Teamwork and friendly atmosphere across departments

The entire company is filled with a friendly atmosphere, encouraging teamwork where all sales staff are willing to work together to achieve the company's sales target. Since a team is formed to work on each project, I could feel the friendly atmosphere across departments throughout the company, where people are ready to follow through on each other's work. I often go dining with people from different departments. Since the company values teamwork, I believe that people who are cooperative and willing to grow can integrate easily here.

What is your vision for the future?

To help the company gain a greater number of clients

We can achieve this by continuing to be involved in constructing facilities that everyone knows and loves. I am now handling renovation projects for stores and office buildings for some of Japan's leading fashion brands, and the larger the project, the greater the sense of accomplishment when construction is completed. I want to be in charge of more buildings that people will enjoy in the future. I am also interested in working on public facilities such as museums. It is not easy to obtain contracts for the construction of public facilities, but part of my goal is to contribute to the company's growth to become a firm that can attract such contracts.