Corporate philosophy/Message

Corporate philosophy

We will maximize the spiritual and financial well-being of our employees by providing a valuable commercial space that our customers will be grateful for.

Benefit Line Co., Ltd.

CEO and President

Koji Ohara

We are committed to keeping our "promise" for the words of gratitude we receive from our customers.

What role does space creation play in the world? What are the values that Benefit Line can offer to its customers?

Since our founding, we have been striving to create spaces while seeking answers to these questions, and we have continued to improve our organization and work methods in order to provide better services, which has led to building numerous relationships and receiving high praise from customers in a variety of industries.

When creating spaces, there is one thing that I, as well as the company, have continued to pursue with the utmost importance.

“What do our customers want from the space, what are the challenges that they themselves are not yet aware of, and what are the wishes they wish to fulfill?”
To face and grasp them over and over again and seize them. This is the initial step toward creating a space of the utmost quality.

Also, to increase the level of "quality, cost, delivery, and safety" in space creation and manufacturing, one by one. We believe that although one of these elements is extremely good, if any of them is lacking, it "does not reflect the creation of a value-added space that Benefit Line strives to create."

Always be committed to the customers in front of you and those beyond.
To provide all QCDS in a balanced manner and at a high level.

This is our responsibility, pride, and promise that we uphold in order to receive a "thank you" from all of our customers for having their expectations fulfilled.